XA_MOON Collaboration

2019年答辩材料。Defense script in 2019.

HA_Personal Statement

2019年答辩信息。 Defense script in 2019.


2019年答辩内容。Defense script in 2019.


2020年答辩内容。Defense script in 2020.

SA_School Comparision

2020年答辩内容。Defense script in 2020.

HA_Macroeconomics System

2020年答辩内容。Defense script in 2020. 1.Basic Information Timeline: 2020/6/1~2020/6/14 Overview: This economic system is the final project of this year’s macroeconomics class. In this semester’s macroeconomics course, we learned GDP, and GDP is not a perfect measure of the national economy. So in this course, we want to design our own system to reflect the economic […]