Competency Model is here(I will put the competency I used in the beginning of each paragraph)

9C: Acquiring Ideas

9D: Linking Ideas

5A: Information and Discovery

5B: Analysis and Interpretation

6C: System-as-Cause


This semester, our Western Philosophy final project is for everyone to complete a philosophical website. Among them, we have many topics, such as Science, Aesthetic, Politic and Reality, etc. I chose Science and Politic. This is my article

This is the website

The process of writing Western philosophy’s article is divided into three parts:

  1. Research
  2. Summary
  3. Write

5A: Information and Discovery

The first is to search for information. How to find accurate and effective information related to my topic is not easy. But I finished this content quite well.
I found that I have three sources of information: online, offline, and books. Online is to search Zhihu, HowNet, Yale University open class form. Offline is by asking chuck and a friend of mine, he is a graduate of Beijing Philosophy University. For books, I chose two books: Political Promise and The Prince.
This process may be a little complicated, but it is a very complete search process after all.

9C: Acquiring Ideas 9D: Linking Ideas 5B: Analysis and Interpretation

In the search process, I focused on the following points:
(A) What are the main points of content
(B) How to expand these views and connect with other views
(C) How do I use these ideas, and how do they connect to my article
This method will be very efficient to enter and quickly become your own point of view, you can also quickly become a framework

For example, I saw an article about why the Roman Republic became an empire, and I will summarize a few of them
1. The rise of the Roman Republic is due to its superior political system and war looting
2. The collapse of the Roman Republic is due to land mergers
3. The late Roman Republic benefited less from war raids
So here you can make a connection
Because there was no support for war looting and the political system was useless because of land mergers, the Roman Republic collapsed.

Of course, there are many more examples. I haven’t listed them yet. There are a lot of opinions in my article, all of which are fragments I searched from the Internet. I use this method to connect and generate new opinions.

The next part is the writing part.

6C: System-as-Cause

When I was thinking about the second Science, I thought of many things, including a lot of opinions from Chuck and Zhihu.
For example, science comes from the general law after observation, which contains logical reasoning. Science has shown this way since the beginning of ancient Greece. But this is not systematic enough, because this part is just the tip of the iceberg. So I thought about ancient times, modern times, and philosophy. I did find that things were not so simple, so I proceeded from the fundamentals of science and philosophy: solving problems. Seeing things like this is completely different, I quote my passage:

There are two question in the world. One, I know what exactly it is, I know how to do, we called it problems. Second, I do not know what exactly it is, I have no idea to treat that one, we called it mysteries. Science is used to solve problems and philosophy and religion is used to solve the mysteries.

By finding the root and looking at the problem again, you can find out the whole picture of this iceberg. The next part I wrote very systematically, I sell a pass here, you can read it.


I want to talk about where I am doing well and where I still need to improve

what I do well:

1. For my information acquisition channels, I feel that I have done a very comprehensive job and can find many resources
2. For my Acquiring knowledge part, I can do it, there is a very clear method.
3. I can turn these things into systems well

Need to improve:

1. In fact, when collecting information and analyzing information, it is not very good. Sometimes it takes a long time to analyze to produce a result, and the efficiency can be further improved.
2. I always miss the deadline of Joel, a lot of things are late. Next time you have to control the time, you can’t delay anymore
3. I didn’t find Joel and Ellie for feedback in time, and there may still be mistakes or puzzling parts in many places

More stuff(not related to competency model and I want to let you know)

In fact, I wasted a lot of time writing this Western Philosophy article. I just watched several sessions of Yale University’s open class for more than an hour. And online search opinions are often not true or the amount of information is very low. Reading books is also very difficult to get opinions about your thesis. Therefore, this search method of the widespread network is actually very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Regarding the method for obtaining information above, it is actually very useful. I realized this method when I was almost finished, but it is really very easy to use. Although I have mastered so many methods, it is really difficult to write such a Xizhe paper seriously. I have seen many people directly use online opinions and supplement some examples. I think such a thing is of little value, so I am very serious To search, to analyze, to make them into a system, and finally to present them in the form of text, which also contains the new ideas I analyzed. I personally feel that I am very satisfied with this project.

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