Competency Model is here(I will put the competency I used in the beginning of each paragraph)

14A: Team Positioning

5D: Problem Solving and Solution Finding 

5B: Analysis and Interpretation

14B: Team goal creation 

14C: Building team norms

14H: Team reflection

6D: Change over Time

9E:Extending Ideas

6A: Big Picture


中华小厨神 is our IP project, a project aimed at providing the most basic cooking teaching. We create the most basic teaching for novice cooking

14A: Team Positioning 5D: Problem Solving and Solution Finding 5B: Analysis and Interpretation

When I came to this project team, it was relatively backward. At the beginning, everyone was thinking about how to find a partner to help them do things. I think it’s not quite right, because everyone has nothing now, it is not possible to set up such a direction, because our qualifications are not enough to convince the company, and there is no experience. So I had a good discussion with Johnson and persuaded everyone to start with the moon exploration itself and then talk about cooperation.
This is my chat record with Johnson at the time. 

14B: Team goal creation 
After determining the goal for moon exploration, we held many meetings to discuss the action plan. We have collected a lot of content about cooking teaching websites, such as the catering section on xiachufang and Baijiahao. Everyone came to a conclusion: online teaching is not very detailed. However, I still raised questions. I found more professional websites and platforms. For example, I found that these websites are qualified according to our standards, so it is said that not all websites and platforms are doing well. So, we decided to make such a recipe for Moonshoters.

14C: Building team norms

For the team, we also have a very clear division of labor, including three roles: media person, operator, and product person. At the beginning, each of us will choose our own role, representing our relatively outstanding ability or the ability we want to cultivate. Each role is responsible for different content. When assigning tasks, we always divide the work according to the role assignment, which leads to us all being very efficient.

Then comes the part of product production and iteration. Everyone will do the tutorial, or learn first and then do the tutorial. We are very happy to meet while discussing who should change the part. Astrid and Roy provided a lot of good ideas and helped us complete a lot of content

14H: Team reflection

At the same time, I found Roy and had a good chat with him about the SWOT analysis of our project and the development of Timeline

6D: Change over Time 9E:Extending Ideas 6A: Big Picture

I found Roy again. I made a model for what I learned. I got knowledge about how an enterprise expands its influence and how to develop its brand. It also includes many marketing strategies. I did this analysis based on the knowledge I learned and our current situation

In the end, this is our final outcome. Through continuous improvement, the final website looks like this:


I want to talk about where I am doing well and where I still need to improve what I do well:

  1. I provided many, many points of view, which gave the team members different perspectives and found a better direction
  2. I can always find some unreasonable problems that the team members did not find
  3. I helped the team find the right target

Need to improve

  1. I did not do very well in terms of Responsibility and productivity, because the efficiency at home is not very high and I am a little tired of learning, so I often miss the deadline, sometimes I fell asleep at the meeting and did not participate. I am very sorry for my team members here, this problem will not be repeated next time. I will work and rest on a regular basis every day, and I can participate in the project with more energy
  2. The team needs a lot of feedback, but our team’s feedback is not enough. In a Checkpoint, I found a lot of questions, but I did not pay attention to it. Looking back now, I found that the questions were very well asked, but I forgot some, and the rest were not asked. If these questions can be raised, then this will be of great help to the project. Next time I will develop the habit of taking notes and Facilitate regulation and feedback.

More stuff(not related to competency model and I want to let you know)

The first is that I feel that the IP project is not very satisfied. Although the final result of the website looks very good, I am not very satisfied with the atmosphere of teamwork. More often than not, everyone has prejudices and is only willing to cooperate with the people they get together. Not only that, many contents also contain the reality that cannot be landed. I have to say that we have excellent IP projects and great presentations, but I think most people have not done what they want to do, nor have they reap what they want. I heard my team members complain about what we all learned about IP this semester. Another team member said that maybe only dedao.
Overall, this semester’s IP was very successful, and they did a lot of great things with many good project teams. I have a suggestion here, which is to reduce some hard tasks a little and increase more direct communication between teachers and groups. This can reduce some unnecessary burdens and give learners a better idea.

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