Material and Form

The materials that used in the project:
Composite materials
Manual pop-up book

The reason for choosing this kind of creation method:
The tunnel book that used in this project is one form of the handmade pop-up book. The reason why I choose this form to complete my creation is that the gradual design of a tunnel book can well present a complete scene, which can include more elements and details than a single picture.


Final Outcome Introduce

Searching · Process

Final Outcome


Seeker has embarked on the journey of searching since she was a child. She experiences difficulties, evaluation, and various emotional moments; and finally decides to embrace herself. Then she comes to the end of one station in the journey — to fully see and accept herself



→ Emotional Palette
– Different emotions are likened to different colors of paint on a paint tray

→ Swing and Luggage
– The swing represents the youth of the seeker who has just begun
– Luggage represents the journey that is about to begin

→ Plants
– Plants represent the vitality of the journey

→ Paper with Blood
– The white paper stands for judgment and malice
– The blood represents the damage left to the person

→ Mask
– The broken mask represents the break of self-deception and deciding to face the true self

→ Old self
– The end of the journey of searching is also the end of the journey of life.

Searching · Vision

Final Outcome


Seekers travel through many places and meet many different people. Parents, friends, lovers and strangers, we stand under the watchful eye of them. A glance can be a sword or a candy



→ Paper with Blood
– The white paper stands for judgment and malice
– The blood represents the damage left to the person

→ Different People
– people we meet, parents, friends etc..

→ Mask
– represent strangers we meet in life

Searching · Unknown

Final Outcome


Sunflowers with eyes, blood, masks, ghosts, and fire, I often feel watched, by myself or by the world during my travels
And all this unknown, all exist in the imagination of the seeker



→ sunflower with eyes
– The sunflower always blooms in the direction of the sun, and the eyes represent surveillance; it represents constant and single-minded surveillance.

→ Blood
– Represents the harm that will be done

→ Mask
– represent beguilement

→ Melting Clock+Fire
– The melting clock represents the passing of time
– The fire represents the power to consume what you have now, which is terrifying

→ the ghost
– Represent a vague fear

→ The big eye
– The fear of being watched by the unknown

Searching · Desire
寻找 · 欲望

Final Outcome


Seeker’s desire is like chess on the chessboard, some represent greed, some represent avoidance. desire is like a chess piece, the choice is only in their own choice.


The curtain is lifted, and the game has begun. Please make your choice.



→ Greed
– On the chessboard, snakes and mandala flowers are twined to represent greed.

→ Hypocrisy
– Two different faces tear at each other, representing a theme of people needs to show a false face in order to achieve certain ends

→ Deceive
– Would rather be covered with the truth and get hurt, but not face the pain. It stands for self-deception

The journey is always in progress…

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