Project Pt1– Searching繚Process

Basic Information

Form: tunnel book
Material: Markers and pens

For the first part of the whole project, I chose to present the process of “searching” in the form of a tunnel book. I think the journey and process of finding oneself is as long as a lifetime.


The tunnel book consists of four layers, symbolized by suitcases, swings, color palettes and masks etc, symbolizing the various elements that make up the journey of searching.


Introduction to the work 雿隞蝏

The white curtain rolled up as the opening of the curtain of the story.
On the swing sits the child who is about to go on a long journey. The seeker looks out at the distance, as the flowers and plants next to the luggage are blooming towards the sun.


The journey was long and rough, and the emotions were varied and intense, as vivid as the colors on a palette. The doubts brought by the outside world are like blood-spattered on white papers, lingering in the time.


But when the mask that represents the illusion is broken, the seeker sees her old self, the same red dress, opening the window and then looking into each other
The journey is not over yet…


Plans for the Project 摰寡恣

In the process of making the finished product, I summarized the meanings of the emerging symbol elements that will appear in my art piece


emotion color palette
plants hope
suitcase journey
swing childhood/from the beginning
mask false appearance/lie
white paper with blood stipulation, constraint

I think we will face a lot in the journey of searching, and as a necessary process, it will make us grow, and it is also worth recording


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