Project Introduction– Searching 寻找

Origin of the project 项目起源

The origin of this project is that one day I was thinking about a book that left a deep impression on me — Orphan Train, in which two heroines are in a confused and struggling, happy or sad situation, always on the road to find themselves. The concept “searching” seems to run through my mind and daily life from the beginning, and I began to wonder what other people thought about this concept. So I interviewed several of my friends on this topic.


In the interview, I simply asked four questions:
What does “searching” mean to you?
What kind of process do you think “searching” is?
Is there something you’ve been “searching” for?
What are the possible endpoints of your journey of searching?

– “寻找”对你而言是什么?
– 你觉得“寻找”是一种什么样的过程
– 你有一直在“寻找”的东西吗?
– 你希望“寻找”的可能终点是什么?

After sorting out the notes for the interview, I found that although everyone was the same age, they had very different understandings of the same concept in their eyes. For example, some people thought that they should search with a purpose while others thought that they were too purposeful and would ignore the scenery around them. So I came out with the idea that to do a project around the theme of “searching” from my point of view.


Project Plan 项目计划

At the beginning of the project, I didn’t have many ideas, so I made some subtitles based on the major themes, and discussed with my teacher how to develop the themes. What do I mean by “searching”? To achieve this, I have done many times of discussions and thinking and using mind maps to comb and expand my ideas in between. Finally, the whole project is divided into four parts, which represent the four parts in the journey of searching in one’s life.


And I finally decided to present this project in the form of a “tunnel book”, because a tunnel book can better interpret a rich scene in an overlapping way. The four parts of the project will be represented by four different tunnel books


sample of a tunnel book
from Baidu image

These four parts are as follows:
– Process
– Unknown
– Sight
– Desire

– 过程
– 未知
– 目光
– 欲望

Four identified project themes and preliminary design sketches

I define this searching as the journey of questing myself, and these four parts are the four main elements that I think I go through in my searching.


→ Process
“Searching” itself is either a long or short process. I think the questing of oneself is a proposition for one’s whole life because the definition of oneself can change at any time

→ 过程

→ Unknown
The path ahead of this journey is unknown, the goal and the end may be unknown, the difficulties we may encounter and the friends we may make are unknown as well. What we only know is the thing that happens now.

→ 未知

→ Sight
On the way to find oneself, you will face many different sights and attention. From parents, friends, teachers, cooperators, lovers, strangers, and etc.

→ 目光

→ Desire
People at all times have different desires, and different desires may lead to different outcomes

→ 欲望

In this project, I prefer to show the process of such a journey without making too much comment on its existence itself. Because I also do not know about my own journey and where it will lend to, as I don’t have such a direction and outcome for now. So I wanted to just record what I thought about it at the moment


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