Project Experiment– Searching 寻找

Choice of Form 形式选择

In this project, I still want to try it in the form of multi-material illustration, so I chose to learn a new comprehensive material production — a handmade pop-up book. I learned a lot of mechanisms of pop-up books, such as square folding, triangle folding, spiral folding, and so on. This kind of stereo mechanism in pop-up books can make the picture richer.


pop-up examples in my sketchbook
different forms of pop-up books

I used these pop-up elements to make a booklet around the topic “searching” and spice it up with new forms such as books within books. In my option, successive booklets can show the process of the long journey of “searching” more directly.


unfinished booklet
square folding

This page uses a scene of scissors cutting between to express the sense of suffocation in the crowd. The stifling of the attentions from the crowd as well.


books within books

The design of the “book within the book” makes the whole scene more interesting and includes more possibilities. The unopened book and the white ghost around it representing the theme of temptation, they both tell the protagonist that you can discover more when you open the book.


When I practiced using these pop-up elements to connect with the scenes, I also had a better understanding of pop-up books.


The derivation of the theme 主题衍生

Once I decided on the project’s classification subtitle, I began to experiment with different elements of “searching”. The contents of the experiment include multi-material experiment, collage and writing


This piece used the finished products of the printmaking workshop in our class, and made a beginning for the experiment of the project. Through the process of exploring this new way of art, I found that the visual effect of printmaking is completely different from markers.


Size: A3
Material: Marker, Pens and multi-material

This experimental work is about the unknown and the uncertainty in the journey of searching. I used the form of marker and multi-material illustration to complete this art piece. The cotton balls represent the candy inside the jar, and we never know how the candy will taste like until we actually try it.
I left my notes beside the pink marker, it said “The candy in the candy jar is uncertain, the journey is uncertain, and so is the outcome.”


Size: A3
Material: Marker, Pens, Book and multi-material

This collage still revolves around the process of searching itself. The man’s head represents oppression and eyes, and all kinds of emotions surround me can be seen. In the process of exploration and experiment, I hope to personify emotions, which are invisible and inner things, to better express them. But the exterior is still colorful, representing the diversity of the journey.
Below this painting, I made a new attempt to collage the words and sentences from a book. This book is the one that inspired me in the first place, The Orphan Train. I tried to make a short collage poem about the journey, the changes, the destination, and the lure of candy.


Size: A3
Material: markers and multi-material

This collage is based on the first tunnel book “Life, until the end, is but a journey of searching”, which is used to express the process of questing oneself. I combined marker painting, collage of network materials, and writing pieces to complete this work. All the elements that appear in the art piece as suitcases, sunflowers, masks, etc. are elements that appear in the tunnel book project


Size: A3
Material: markers and multi-material

This experimental work is derived and created according to the theme of the second tunnel book “sight”. In this work, I imagine how the theme of sight is positioned in the journey of self-searching and put forward my questions in green. How do we deal with gaze and attention?
“Sights come from different individuals,
Different gazes.
It can be soft, it can be tough.
And in the process of searching,
The attention we will meet will be the parts of the journey.”



In the part of “Unknown”, I plan to use the concept of “Magic Realism” to create derivative works. And I then try to understand the general concept of it, as the purpose of magical realism is to express the real world while adding or revealing magical elements. I summed it up as “flying turtles, floating beds and frozen sleeping”. In a word, it is a method of artistic expression full of imagination and without limitation.


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