2020U1 Research

U1 repost
Will focus on Independent illustrators

Artist Information

Henn Kim

Material/Form digital illustration

Location&Time Publish regularly on social software

A young illustrator from Seoul

Artist style

By observing her work, I often see all sorts of straightforward symbols. The female body, sexual relationships between man and women, flowers and butterflies, and the universe, some common scenes of daily life.

Her pictures are always black and white, with clear lines and a very clear and prominent personal style. This clear personal style is very recognizable, and it is also one of the most attractive points of her works for me.

sense of fatigue
the universe
thinking while sitting
Using plants to convey strong sexual cues

With her clever composition, black and white colors, and simple composition, she evokes a sense of emptiness from the universe, or the weariness of ordinary social life, even as she fills the picture with human bodies, plants, and a few things that could be found in a real-life scene.

Henn Kim lays out the cliches of apathy, routine, and relationships in a surreal way, and she occasionally uses peculiar humor to get her point across.They hint at deep emotions and feelings through visual connections and unexpected parallel overlaps. This feeling of weariness and emptiness comes from her colors and themes, but also the unique atmosphere she creates. She uses everyday visible objects to create a sense that only belongs to her work.

Create my own style & personal label and keep refining it, as well as learning to create a sense of real atmosphere in the works, these are what I am learning and practicing right now.
She uses such straightforward or hazy symbols to express such weariness of reality as well as the emptiness and hazy of dreams, creating a special atmosphere. This is something I think I can learn from her work of art.

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