Thinkin’ and Splittin’ 繚 I


– pigment ink

– marker


There are four different symbols in the picture: white bird, cage, blood and the key.

The white bird represents the confused individual. This is a bird without feet. So the only time it lands is when it’s dead.

The key to the cage was held in its mouth meant that the bird was actually in control of the freedom to leave the cage. But a compass that doesn’t know where it’s pointing means it’s confused about where it’s going. The bird can leave the cage, but it does not know where it will be going. But the bird can not stop, so it can only keep flapping its wings.

Blood represents this state of being lost and tired. The white bird in the painting represents a tired individual who is confused but unable to stop. The loss of self-direction and daily pressure make the individual exhausted but unable to stop. This is an uncomfortable state.

This painting uses different symbols to make this feeling of weakness and exhaustion appear on the drawing board.


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