Navigator — The connection between the city and the countryside

What is the connection of a city and a countryside? It’s a Whale, Wandering in the city. It leads the world’s changes, just like a navigator.

About the city and countryside

The city and the countryside I want to explore is Beijing and Mangshi in Yunnan. Beijing is the place where I live for 15 years and Mangshi is a place where I have been explore and traveling.

Exploring Beijing

This is the Beijing I saw when I was exploring Beijing, this big city. Then I drew what I think.

What connect them?

“Summer miss the cold of winter, winter miss the hot of summer.”

I find that what blocks them is not material stuff, but spiritual connection and understanding each other.

Urban and rural “whale”

Whale means the connection between cities and the countryside. It’s big because there are many factors connect with each other, invisible but tangible.

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