Final project

in this project, i will continue finding myself, but this time would be more specific. It’s about my emotion.

I have got two ideas about my emotion. First, i would like to use color and different materials to express my emotion. At the same time, I would do a lot of research about color and emotion. Second, i would use video to express my emotion, a little bit stream of consciousness, but with my consciousness, and also i would unscramble the video i record

2019-12-5–Emotion and color research

Today, i did some research about explanation of color in a psychology way. In the mean time, I viewed some art pice about color and emotion.

How do famous artists express their feeling with color? I found these.
I find that there can be several feelings evoked simply by changing the shade of a single color. For example, black can illustrate stark evil or power, but gray (a mix of black and white) is observed as dull and indefinite — hence the term “gray area.”

2019-12-6–My emotion of color

this is a Pie chart i made, it shows how much these emotions appeared in my daily life.( ignor with the color on it. It’s not thing to do with it..)

Start to Gathering Materials about my emotion video

I’m not that sure why i want to record this, but i guess is because of the sound of water. It could make me calm down. I believe i got a bad feeling at that time. “Tick tock, tick tock”


Here are some photo i took. I observed other people’s emotion and also use cold and dark colors to express my feeling–lost.

2019-12-15 My making process

This day I start to use color and different materials to express my different emotions through the Pie chart i made on 12.6.

2020-1-2 my making process

This is a video i record when i am express my emotion, when i am doing this action, i felt everything is released, my emotion, my stress and so on. Also, the sound made me really comfortable.

final video

This is the final video I made. In this video, every scene is recorded during my daily life. Then I combined them together and form a complete one.

final emotion Pie chart

Through this project, I realized that emotions can not represented by colors or any materials. For example, I can not tell you what is the color and material’s express of emotion. Emotion is a thing that extraordinary complex.

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