What is the real me?

This blog is a project about finding myself. To find who I really am and how am I special in this miraculous and fantasy world.

Self analyze: Find the real me!!!

This is a self analyze of my adolescence period. I found that there are many characters living in myself. I want to know what happened to me in this period so much. So I started my research about adolescence and express myself in the way of art. Then the finding of myself journey begins!!!

My research about adolescence

This is a psychology literature review about adolescence I wrote after I did some research.

Final Attempt

After the research, I start to know myself and have a basic structure for my characters. Then I draw down them in the way of art and continue finding the real self!!!

My expression of Adolescence

With the combination of my characters, I made this.

My final attempt is called “Drop”, like a water drop. Dropped fast and fall on the ground. Why is it a drop? Because adolescence gives me a sense of an instant burst. I always say something ruthless and icy words to my parents, but actually I don’t mean that. When the words came out of my mouth, at that moment, I feel really guilty and regret and my heart explodes about why am I saying that. I really want them to know that I care about them, but sometimes I don’t know what happened to me. 

In the first draft of my work, I used to put some words on it and paint the effect of flow and I found that it’s not so natural. So in the second draft, I changed a bigger canvas and made a real flow on the canvas. 

In the second draft, first I use colorful clay to build the drop. And colorful clay refers to my colorful inner world. Then I poured propylene on the drop, “flow”, which means other people’s expectations, my expectation, the things that trap on me, and self-contradiction. The bright paper represents the words that pierce the heart.

This is my first draft of my work. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Result:Who are the real me?

After is work, I come to realize that maybe you are looking for the real you, but in the process of looking for yourself, you will find that you who actually have “flow” are more real. The colorful clay represents the inside real me which is I used to look for. The “flow” covers on the clay mean other people’s expectations, my expectations, the things that trap me, and contradiction. Through my work, you will find that when the “real me” and the “flow” combined together actually are yourself, it’s more wonderful and beautiful, although it looks a little bit hurt. 


This is a self-evaluation of my self-finding process😄

My daily painting

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Vanetta Korbelreply
February 22, 2020 at 9:43 pm

Wow, this article is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing these kinds of things, so I am going to tell her.

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