Silence is sitting on the train


  • Body?Politics?

    From November 19 to 21, I joined Body IQ Somatic Festival online. All participants in the festival can freely choose the activities they want to join to attend in the three days.

    Thanks for my teacher David’s sharing. I got the ticket one hour before the festival’s opening on Friday just after school. At first, I only want to have a look to know how the “靠谱” international performing art circle is like. To my surprise, it was so good; even it was held in midnight in my time zone in Zoom, my sleepiness and tiredness were all eased to participate.

    In the first workshop, I attend, I was amazed that there were only about 20 people in the Zoom meeting, unexpectedly. In the short 30 minutes, we moved, in different countries with different movements, bodies, and selves in the voice of the leader, linked together magically. I was in the 冥想室 in school, a little tense and nervous (a lot, actually). Starting to move is like starting the breath of something real in its essence; being in the movement is like suspending the perfect moment of some kind of eternity which I used to emphasize as the dot created by the penpoint at the moment of touching. Maybe the key here is the state of having no end and start. This is the opening after the presentation of human history involved by interpretations on the body (Sadly, I didn’t listened much because my English is so poor to understand ), then two participants shared their recent artwork. I was so happy, hearing their voice and seeing their serious and honest faces. A girl from an area of war also shared her experience of refining a way of living on dance and somatics, and people in Zoom echoed hearing this; I was so touched. It reminded me of the beautiful experiences I have had on dance. Or I should say moving or art? I don’t know; this will only matter on choosing a place to study in the future but not anything else.

    (the scene of my old teacher sitting on his heels, with his hands on the chest, saying that “so beautiful, this vulnerability crashed my heart” with his stable splendid eyes in certainty is always in my mind)


    Below is my schedule for the last two day.

    my notes

    Points in details

    Berlin Body IQ 2021 Somatics Festival

  • It


    This is somebody’s plan of Rose Teaching

    “Teach somebody something, they just need to grow.”

    it story

    something weird is always happening……

    something you don’t know is always surrounded, just by your side in every second

  • Meeting with Mowen

    It has to be all about life.

    After doing art seriously for almost two complete semesters, I started this new project as usual. What I will do next?

    I came up with some ideas that I cared about and talked to Mowen. Before I leave the meeting room, she said to me, “I think now you should stop. You had done much and need time to reflect and digest. This project is exactly the last one of this year and also this semester. What had you done from the first project to now? What do you feel like and how are they associated? Don’t miss those, or you’ll forget“.

    I’m grateful for this talk.

    My notes of this project before the meeting

    at night, my thoughts flowed, and I recorded those events that passed by

  • In Silence

    One day, I went to dance class and had lunch with my teacher Xiaonan.

    She is dedicated on the field of body and dance performance, which we shared a conversant world. Her energy and behaviour of defending “talking” to some extent sparkled me. Below are my notes.

  • Shhhhh, the lion is coming (about fire)

    With this sound (just click it and start to read)


    “Don’t you want your life! It’s coming!”

    “But what? I can’t see anything, even things I should see. No stars, no moon.”

    “Close your eye and see. Light will light the darkness, for always.”


    Longly exhaled, his eyelashes slapped and slapped, facing more daze than a trembled innocent fawn, and finally calmed them in this impending destiny. No stars, no moon, no white light to see. 

    The world spun and the darkness wobbled; it swallowed all sights as what pride a human.

    “Yuh, brother!” He felt like a snake had sneaked into his pants, too fast and cold to know which trouser leg it had come in; his mind yelled to him: then it will slip on his skin and bite his golden fruit.  

    “Shhhh, calm down and see! It’s coming! Don’t you know that?”

    “But, but……”

    Almost flooding out, those bitter coldness was suddenly paused then delivered away. His brother placed his index finger on his lips, and it was so warm and firm. 

    “See, Ashla ”, He murmured, “ Open your real eyes to see!”

    “When the sun has gone and the moon has rest, the world begins its breath, before lives live and after lives sleep. You listen, carefully but not concentrate, unintentionally but not thoughtlessly. It is there—— everywhere. ”

  • Preparing

    About art form

    I choose the form of performance art and the improvisation way of performing.

    It is a way to get rid of “making artwork” instead of art. It’s hard to say what is art, but “making artwork” is just making stuff in purpose, and mostly associated with profit and benefits.

    Don’t know how, I always feel things are in the wrong direction. There are no perfect, but don’t be fooled to recognize the flaw to “nothing special” even goal.

    I am not a stable and overconfident person, so I choose this art form that most close the art itself.

    a performance artist who making performance art to oppose:

    About this work

    inspire by the over toasted popcorn, I find the texture of toasted papers have the temperaments I want

    However, when I experienced toasting some paper with my oven, they fired. I was shocked that quickly poured some water on them. Then I just directly fire some paper instead.

    preparing coals

    About the performance

    The main part of my work is me in that place with the audience so my experiment is about the training and experiments I had on the body, dancing, and most importantly, improvisation with all the exploration of silence, but I forget to record. I spend time preparing myself for the work.

    A small piece of improvisation in class

    the three notes about silence to put in the performance

    1: in here



  • Exhibition day


  • Reflection on my work

    Today is the performance day. I didn’t imagine much about today in purpose because I know it won’t work and it shouldn’t be needed. I just used to sink myself in the silence which I discovered if I get the chance to meet it and look for the chance patiently. There’s no effort on “showing” but all on dedicating awe and concentration on the reality that I sensed and the reality of being under people’s attention; you take their energy and lead that moment when they are being with you.

    This is a small success, as I succeed in satisfying myself— I find the power in the presence again. This time, I recognize it more; this is what I want for art. I do have the will to express myself to strengthen my visible being, but what I really want is much more— I want the completion, complexity, the deepest silence, and lively natures.

    Back to my performance today, people’s feedback helped me to find more about the work. A person told me he saw the scene of the battlefield at the first, then he felt the emotion of desperation. A person told me she felt strong desolation. I’m really happy to hear people have something from my work, but I was wishing someone to feel the essence of what I feel and the things that I want to show. There is some disappointment and unchangeable loss, whereas the thing I most want to propose is related to silence, as the name of this work. 

    Finally, a person said about silence, and he directly mentioned its strongness. “I don’t know how to say, still speechless with enormous unshaped things behind. Cuz you work is discussing something unspeakable, right? I mean in a regular way. I was struck”, he said so.

    Reflecting on my work after hearing those and seeing the pictures Mowen took for me, I find the whole vision of the work. At first, I stepped into the burned books and coals. I felt pressured and was in a state of being highly interactive with the environment. I slowly moved, there were things I want to spit and movement is the way of my non-speaking speech. I was independent, as the persistence in silence, but the independence is a reaction of opposing the inseparable decay; this was not the real independence because you were still guided by the things you opposed. This might be how people felt so, and this was the silence of saying without voice, not the silence that is sitting on the train. Along with the performance, I began gradually into silence at last. I don’t know if the people who mentioned the silence will still say so if he came at the beginning.

    Some other reflect

    How to use your mind in art: 

    Finding the established relationship instead of dominating and reasoning materials as an uncourteous boss


    The warm wind of the air conditioner is so good. I didn’t plan it at first until all other works in this exhibition were placed there and I found the hot wind, and it just warmed my place, making my work more powerful and revealing silence’s eternal dedicate natures. I am so glad that many people told me they felt it.

    Things to improve:

    the coal: In my design, I imagine the coal will be more luminous, as its alias 黑金. I should use real coal instead of charcoals.

    the experiment for the final performance

    Although people mentioned that I should do some experiments for the final performance like doing it in some other places, I still think it’s not that needed. Improvisation instead of a set of movements planned is an important part. People mostly didn’t think much about performance, even in contemporary art in my experience. In the simplest, one opinion about performance that I agreed with is performance is only the energy exchange within performer and audience. It’s not doing some sets of things in front of people or showing them some techniques. And improvisation is the kind of performance that involves the most awareness and is established by the presence. In my work, silence is only embodied in the world: because there is noise, we called the things besides “silence”. You can imaging this scene: In a running train, silence is sitting there; there is a kind of relationship between silence and the world. Just like in my work I lead people to see what the world is happening(my audience, the burned books) and there is something else in it but not subordinate to it. On one hand, I was curious about the whole scene of silence sitting on the train with all other passengers, on the other hand, I was curious about silence itself, who it actually is? Silence is not being voiceless, or it should be called quietness.

    The design of the site can be improved, like thinking about how to differentiate with Tom’s and Harry’s performance, and how to more let people feel freer (they are so nervous facing “art”, many of them even didn’t come closer to read the notes I put. If they see the notes, they might not disregard Silence.)