Artifact title

Flipped Class in Math 1

Artifact Label

STEAM Artifact (SA)


At the beginning, since the new lesson was over, we reviewed what we had learned this semester in the form of flipped classroom.

We were forced into several groups by Ryan, so we didn’t have a chance to choose our teammates. My team members included Cherry, John and Jerry, who helped me a lot in this project.


In our cooperation, I used what I learned in math class, what I learned about circles, what I learned about team management, and how to communicate with people without violence.

The main problem we have to solve is to bring the rest of the time back to what we have learned before, not just a lot of the concepts that we have learned before, but how to apply those concepts to our problems, exams and lives. We need to choose a topic that we want to discuss. According to Ryan’s homework before, the courseware for class and our own notes, all of these will become the best evidence for this flipped class and the best material for us to make PPT.

one slide in class
a question on class

From our last production, as well as a PPT and our notes, you can see us as a team, review before didn’t tell a lot of duplicate content before, there are not many concepts, but we choose a lot of very good topic, the topic of the PPT to make it look more full, more diversified and also more practical, it’s like you teach a person how to use scissors ✂ ️, than teach them it is scissors ✂ ️, much better.

the homework we make

The whole project, and the assignment, and the final grading, these two little tasks, also make the masterpiece look more complete, a complete lesson. For your homework, we need to take into account what we have done in the course, what Ryan has said before, how busy we are with other problems, and how hard it is for us to assign tasks and grade them. After balancing these difficulties, we also plan a very good homework, which is shown below.

Self Reflection

When we finished this project, we learned how to cooperate with people whom you are not familiar with. This skill will help us in the future study and even in future cooperation projects. I can also build on what I’ve learned from this artifact, and when I provide a knowledge inventory to others it also gives us an opportunity to make up for what we didn’t understand at the time. Also from this project, to do better review after learning, review is more important than learning new knowledge.

This project involves Collaboration, and I think I have reached the developing level.

For Collaboration:

I think I have achieved all the skills in the process of this project, but here I will elaborate on the three skills That I believe I do best: 14B, 14D and 14F.

14B is about the setting of team goals. I need to know the goals of the project done by the team, including what everyone wants to achieve in the team. What I get this skill is thinking before I choose to do this project, because after we know we have this task, there is still a period of time before we start to prepare, so I think about this problem during this “empty space”. I think there are two most important goals. The first goal is to get you to review what you’ve learned, to get you to fill in the blanks, and we need to get you to understand what we’re talking about and what we’re doing in any way. The second is to make ourselves well aware of what we are talking about. In case other people ask us some questions and we don’t know, it is also very embarrassing.

14D focuses on contributing ideas to the team. In this project, I did 50% of the work, including not only chosen the questions , editing of documents (including the subsequent division of labor for correction, which is largely organized by me ). I also shared my opinion about which questions we should choose for homework, and suggested each of the team members to check the home-works equally ,so that we done the work in a shorter time .

We have a long meeting about homework

14F is mainly about completing the tasks assigned to us by the team. In team work, we to division I will be finished quickly, don’t let the other team members because my procrastination and lead to finish their own task, because most of our division of labor will have another major stakeholders, is other classmates, and we have a class if we didn’t at the right time to submit or have corrected their homework, will reduce their time of correction, also will have certain influence to rush to their gpa. So I carefully graded everyone, and I checked the final score.

I did it in a early date