XA-Artifact-EOW Project


A project called EOW team, have a competition called PBIC

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EOW project

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Individual Artifact (XA)


The PBIC is the name of the competition we’re seeing, and it’s run mainly by innovative solutions. At its core, it’s determined primarily by 17 common development goals set by the United Nations, four of which were chosen at random this year, “Quality Education.” About a month ago, we have finished the promotion of the preliminary contest, and we have been promoted by the seventh place among more than 100 teams and the first place in the project plan. At the present stage, we have received 20,000 RMB as a donation and are going to land it in the summer vacation.

This project was launched more than two months ago. We mainly participated in the PBIC Challenge and won the MVP of the project planning book in the preliminary contest. In this defense, I hope to demonstrate my writing communication skills and self-regulation through this project. In the implementation of the project, we all have the same original intention and deal with the problem with the heart of solving it. Therefore, the interpersonal relationship will not affect the whole team and process to a certain extent. Our project hopes to help children in Rwanda, Africa and give more opportunities to those who want to learn.

My team included Kolento, Laura, Deltas and Clef, and we worked very well together as a team, and there were a lot of interesting things going on, such as the copy of the copy that I’m going to use in a minute. Our division of labor is divided according to the career model, divided into media people, operators and product people, we think this way can let us know more about what we are good at in teamwork. We also found Kate as our project tutor, who is very supportive of us in many professional directions. Moreover, we also found a teacher from Kate who is in Rwanda and will work on lunar exploration next year.

Team members~


Since the project is not over yet, I can only talk about my feelings at present. From the beginning of this project more than two months ago to now, I think it is a very full and hopeful project. It may also be because the project team failed last semester, but we have a certain possibility to implement this project, and it is not small. From this project I learned about a good project is a kind of architecture, every week there are two meetings, one Sunday on Thursday, each of which could have 2 hours of time, we will do some matters that our division of labor in this time, found the problem, after clarification on leave, ensure the successful completion of the tasks to each of us can.

notes for our meetings

This project involves Self-Regulation and Writing Communication , and I think I have reached the developing level.

For Self-Regulation:

I think I have achieved all the skills in the process of this project, but here I will elaborate on the three skills That I believe I do best: 08A08D and 08E.

08A mainly expresses the clarity of the objectives of the team and the intention of a task at the time it is determined. When we do a Planner, we actually write, “What exactly is this job going to be doing?” and the Planner has a lot of that in the notes section. With this note, we can have a very clear idea of what can be achieved after completing the task and how much impact it will have on the progress of our project.

a sample on Planner

The main idea of 08D is to hope that we can find our own way to relax. Of course, there was a lot of pressure after the project, such as the tasks we were assigned, gpa, also including the daily memorizing of words and sports, which were not easy to combine together. However, I will ask Laura in the same group to complete our task together, because for the same group, we can talk about many topics, and we can also investigate boring information with an interesting person, which is very relaxing but pleasant.

chat with Laura

What 08E talks about is our team’s self-reflection, which is a form of self-regulation whether it is the whole group’s reflection or the reflection of each of us. The way we use it is a reply by the team members, but it is also mixed with the reflection of each of us. We write 3000 more text on this document. We can not only reflect on the overall cooperation effect, but also the reflection of others may affect you, so we will start to wonder whether I am a little deficient in this aspect. We fill out a questionnaire before the reflection, which is about the content of the reflection and the personal reflection. At the meeting, we share with others the answers we have filled in and why they are so. Then after reflection, what we did not do well will become the target of our next stage of improvement.

the structure of our reflection

https://shimo.im/docs/1d3aVW46Rofd1qgO/ 「EOW team reflection」

For Writing Communication:

I think I have achieved all the skills in the process of this project, but here I will elaborate on the three skills That I believe I do best: Argument A, Evidence A and Language use.

So Argument A basically says you need to make an Argument that’s a little bit stronger. So in our planning book, the problem that we defined is that we believe that children in Rwanda don’t have enough light at night, and we believe that solar lights are the best way to help people in Rwanda. In order to be accepted by others who have seen our plan, we don’t want to state in the “project context” what information we consulted to arrive at this point. We in fact from the main web search engines to find a lot of, we didn’t find a lot of light, shining, so we will target to blog, write articles on this website, is the author really experience, we find that many people experience when they go to Rwanda is written, a lot of people say that the sun is basked in, over there to pay attention to prevent bask in, we know the solar energy is a kind of very suitable for their energy supply. After research like this, the question we’ve identified is one that has enough support.

Planning book – background of the project