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As mentioned in the previous “Preface”, this project has been determined to be in the form of “performance”. But, as almost everyone knows, performances are complex and varied. Opera, music, and dance can all be counted as performances. So at the beginning of this blog, I still need to reiterate that I still need to reiterate that the general definition of performance referred to in this project is:



In fact, from the moment I was determined to learn acting, I already had my own concept of the word “performance”. But I have to admit that it is vague. I started to realize:


Yohji Yamamoto

I try to use research and reading to better see other people’s understanding of drama performance. The simple explanation is: we can better develop our own understanding by watching the understanding of others. I guess that for myself, the deeper reason is: I always feel that what I think is unreliable, and I suddenly lost the courage to take on “unreliable” things. In this process, a lot of content related to theatrical performance was actually searched.


  • 表演者言:

The main format of “Performer’s Statement” is interview. A host will ask the guests, the actors, questions related to the performance and try to sort out the performance methods. In the first episode, there is an interesting point:

“The learning of acting is not purposeful, it can only be experienced.”

In my opinion, this kind of thinking is actually very precious. It is far away from me. In an era where almost everything is “goal-oriented” and “output is forced to input”, I imagine he should be a very rich man. There is a lot of time and a lot of materials that can be used to “wasted” without having to forcibly assign these values to avoid sunk costs. Now, we dare not have any sunk costs, we must see that every little thing we pay is rewarded.

I take this idea as a vision for myself, and I hope I can do the same in the future.

In any case, I still hope that the performing arts have a different temperament from other fields. This is because it distinguishes itself from other fields and avoids the disasters suffered by other fields—targeting. I thought about it to fit the actual situation. “Goal” and “result-oriented” have appeared frequently in my life, but I at least hope that I can avoid them as much as possible within 2-5 minutes of my performance clips.

  • The Art of Acting:

This video shows almost perfectly everything I could not say about the performer. It is not an inspiration to me, but a confirmation. I used to think that I was shaky in the process of becoming a performer. You see, I don’t know what is acting; what is an actor; what is a movie; what is a drama; what is good… At the same time, what’s worse, I never think that these questions can be answered by me someday. There are only countless problems that breed every day. And what this video brings to me is a sense of “security”: safe from the boundary between blur and certainty. Furthermore, I stood firmer on the edge where the question and the answer could never overlap.

More landing, back to the project. The progress this video has brought to me on the project is: I confirm my theme, that is, “Performance is a great copy of human beings of its kind” (also mentioned in the “Preface” and will be introduced in more detail later) . It also confirms me that performance is a vague and firm art for me. It is firm in: I believe that the question and exploration of performance is permanent; it is vague in: I may never get an answer.

I readily accepted these two properties of performing arts.

I have been thinking about the question of “what is a performance?” In my mind, it is more dangerous than other art, because it is more active, taking the initiative to solve, taking the initiative, and offering sacrifices.

Interpretation refers to the performers in my mind, who are always honest with themselves and the audience. They are not excessively afraid of expressing themselves. On the contrary, they take the initiative to find a precise link with the character in themselves and infiltrate it cleanly on the stage or in front of the camera. Even they are willing to hand over the scalpel used for planing to others. Undertaking means that as a performer, they are willing to take pain and risk for the sake of art itself. At the same time, they are willing to present to the audience the phenomenon of unplaning and commitment, that is, sacrifice.

Sacrifice her soul.




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