People’s memories will be hit by the smell, touch and visual moment, so as to recall the endless past. “

——Marcel Proust

What’s the first word you think about “memory”? In this moment, many words appeared in my mind, but what I can clearly capture is the room, people, feelings, secrets, the past, emotions, movies, wind, plants, the future… What about “forgetting”? Why do people forget the memory of infancy? Is every memory I forget sad? Do I deliberately forget it? How can we really forget? Why do I think of it again in a moment? All memories will be forgotten in the end, and the past seems to be just a superposition of colors. But forgetting is always so long…

For the topic of “memory and forgetting”, I have endless curiosity and problems waiting to be solved.

I keep a fish with only seven seconds of memory. For it, every seven seconds is a new beginning. So, there is very little in his life that can make him feel sad, but at the same time he can’t feel strong happiness. Memory, like the data in the hard disk, also has its maximum capacity. When encountering virus, shock, it will be lost. But its hard disk is very small. But people’s memory can be recovered, but it can’t be completely recovered. What we find is just some scattered pieces.

Sometimes I feel very sad for him. His life is destined to be very dull and tasteless. But sometimes, I want to be him, because in this way, my pain will be reduced. In a word, I find that everything in the world is particularly balanced. If you want something, you are doomed to lose something…

What if our memory has a palace? Everyone can build their own memory palace. Where do we perceive time and keep the secret in our hearts? All we have to do is to change those memories, or cut them at the right time. Will my life be simpler and happier?

I went into a house.

The house is quite spacious, but not empty. There’s plenty of light in the house, but it’s not completely dark. So you can see clearly the four corners of the house, each with its own scene.

In the southeast corner, there are two people. One of them is tall and strong. He looks like he wants to hit others, while the other looks ugly. He dodges and stops at the same time.

In the northeast corner, it’s a man and a woman. I can’t judge whether they are face-to-face or not. What I see is vague and unclear. Maybe it was fresh and warm before, because they were willing to be close to each other. But what I can feel now is that instead of enthusiasm and initiative, it is calm and silence. It’s about touching and taking back.

In the middle was a girl whose face was shaded by the sun. She is half in the light, half in the dark. She often smiles happily, but when you look at her eyes, you will find some imperceptible sadness. She is always tangled and sensitive. Her mind is always in a mess. She often doesn’t know what she is thinking. She always falls into a strange circle of infinite self denial.

Southwest corner, is a family, they sit together, can hear the conversation of adults, from time to time there are some children’s noise and bitterness. You can clearly see a light golden circle around them. Although you don’t know where the yellow light comes from, it is very warm and soft.

There are many people in the northwest corner. They are classmates, friends and good friends. They quarrel, contradict, tangle, forgive and recognize again. Every minute of change in this corner is huge. All good and bad emotions are born here.

I think, I look for the forgotten memories here, and get all the answers I want at the same time.


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