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Why Youth是2020年初加入的一个项目,也是我做的第一个公益项目。这个项目以制作手册为载体告诉指导想要做公益的青少年,怎样可以更好地实现公益理想。

Why Youth is a project I joined at the beginning of 2020, and it is also the first public service project I did. This project uses the production of handbook as a carrier to guide teenagers who want to do charity work and how they can better realize their charity ideals.


In this project, my role is different from that of previous projects. I am the person in charge of marketing this time, mainly responsible for external publicity. This was also the first project I did after I decided that I wanted to study marketing in the future.

下面是我在Why Youth做的几件事儿。

There are the things that I have did in Why Youth.

1. 制作团队甘特图 Make Gantt Chart


Gantt charts are a very effective team collaboration tool that I used in the last stage of MOON (another of my projects). This time, when working on a new project, you can use the Gantt Chart from the beginning to see the progress of the project clearly and completely.

2. 策划宣传视频 Write Script of AD video


I have always been interested in visual arts and advertising. And this time is also an opportunity for me to do a promotional video. I had no experience, so I looked up many articles on the Internet about how to write video scripts, how to write screenshots, and how to make ads look attractive. I ended up writing a one-minute AD plan.

大家可以点击下方链接查看策划案 You can click the link below to see the AD plan:

Why Youth 宣传片策划案

大家可以点击下方链接查看广告视频:You can click the link below to see the AD video:

Why Youth 宣传片

3. 线上活动策划 Plan for online activity

对于活动策划我已经是轻车熟路了,我可以快速地设计出来一场线上活动。但是这一次我的身份不同,这一次我作为marketing的负责人,很多信息是我不能随时随地更改的。所以我原始的活动策划案是作废的。不过也很幸运, 我看到了另外一种线上活动的可能性。原来线上宣讲会这样在我看起来很无趣的活动也可以给观众带来那么多启发。

I’m pretty good at event planning, and I can design an online event very quickly. However, my status is different this time. As the person in charge of marketing this time, I cannot change a lot of information anytime and anywhere. So my original event plan is null and void. Fortunately, though, I saw the possibility of another kind of online activity. It turns out that online seminars, which seem boring to me, can be so inspiring to the audience.

策划案 Activity Plan


In the end, we held a simple online event, which took only a week to promote and attracted more than 400 people.

4. 写活动推文 Write Publicity Article


Of course, to promote a project, it is necessary to write an activity tweet. In this activity tweet, I wanted to present the confusion of people from different perspectives when doing public welfare or watching high school students doing public welfare. I invited different people to write their stories from different perspectives, so as to attract the audience to know more and come to participate in the activity.

大家可以点击下方链接查看活动推文 You could click the link below to read the article:


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