“TREND” 潮流


This is one public speaking events featuring educators, designers, NGO founders and vocational school students sharing different perspectives on the topic of “Trend” .

1. 前期准备

策划活动 Activity Planning

详情请点击下方链接查看活动策划案。If you want to know more detail you could click the link below and read our activity plan.

“潮流”的活动设计和本质是一样的。The activity design of Trend is similar with Essence.

“Essence”-Activity Planning

招募讲者 Find Speaker


According to the first time, we knew that we can’t use the same way to find speakers. So this time, we choose to invite people to join our activity.


MOON have developed so fast, we created our own WeChat account. So despite we invited speakers to speech we also asked some speakers or experts to write their thoughts about trend and posted into our account.


You can click the link below to read the articles:

每个人心中的辉煌 The Fire in Everyone’s heart

说说潮流 Talking about Trend

发布招募文章 Post Article

这一次只发布了一篇招募文章,主要面向公众招募200名观众。This time, we only posted one article to find 200 audiences to face the trend with us.

可以点击下方链接查看详情:(You could click the link below and read more)

和这群年轻人一起,共赴“潮流”Facing the trend with these young generation

文章阅读量 Times of view of this article

风险评估 The Risk Assessment


After we finish the first activity, we realized that we were facing so many unsure factors. So for planning the second activity, we did a risk assessment form.

预览图 Preview


You could click the link below to see the risk assessment form:

风险评估表(完整版)The Risk Assessment

2.正式活动 Activity

讲者开讲 Speeches

小组讨论 Discussion

大合照 Group Picture

3.反思 Reflection


Unlike previous activity, after finish this speech, I started reflect to myself and wanted to lead the team to do one reflection. But after we did this activity, it had been summer vacation. So I did one reflection form that everyone could put their thoughts into it as one team reflection.

反思会前准备 Reflection meeting preparation


You could click the link below to read the complete reflection sheet:

MOON潮流 复盘会议 MOON-Trend Reflection Meeting

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