Menstrual products mutual assistance box

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The year 2020 can be regarded as a turning point. It is not only a profound milestone in the history of mankind, but also leaves a deep mark in my life.


Starting from 2020, I began to pay attention to public welfare and minority rights and interests. And that includes women. In the summer, I participated in the summer camp of female empowerment, and I started the project of “Menstrual products mutual assistance box” with my classmates after the school started.


As a girl, when menstrual menstruation suddenly came, and did not bring sanitary napkin, always very troublesome, afraid of blood flow to the pants difficult to clean. Also afraid of other students strange eyes. So we need to start this project.


The project itself was extremely simple. A box was placed in each female toilet of the school, in which some sanitary napkins were placed. The instructions were posted telling everyone to take one piece and put one piece together for joint maintenance.


This project is also very important to me, because when I do it I don’t feel like I’m representing myself anymore, but as part of a community of women, I feel like I’m doing it for the benefit of the community.


The project was conducted in collaboration with lunar learner SAB, who documented the process on her website (click the link below).

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