“Gap Day” 间隔日

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After we finished two public speaking activities, we were changing, we wanted to become the high school student organization, which focusing on teenagers. Meanwhile, we had an opportunity to corporate with the most influential debate Chinese company to made one debate activity for teenagers.

所以Gap Day就是一场给青少年的辩论活动,给青少年的一天间隔。

So Gap Day was one debate activity for teenagers, one day that they could gap and enjoy the life.

1.活动准备 Preparation

向合作方展示 Presentation


It was really challenge to corporate with famous company, not every high school student organization have that chance. So been the leader of MOON, I had to do one presentation to the owner of that debate company showing that MOON could handle this tough work.

当我在做Presentation的时候 When I was presenting


The time for me to prepare one presentation is limited, I only got five days, it tortures me a lot. But the result was good, we made the corporation successfully. And there is my presentation script below, you could click it.

演讲文稿 Presentation Script(Chinese)

招募志愿者团队 Recruit for Volunteer Team


Because this was a big and serious activity, so there were a lot of parts to be designed. And the corporation company wanted to influence more high school student by doing this activity. We published posters to recruit more volunteers to participate in. At last, we successfully had 20 volunteers from 5 different schools.

招募海报 The recruit poster

选拔辩手 Debater Selection


This activity is positioned as a cross-school debate competition for high school students. In order to hold such an activity, we need to recruit high school students all over Beijing and invite them to participate in the selection. From the high school students who have signed up, the last eight are selected to participate in the final debate competition.


We posted one article about debater selection, and we got 5o candidates in one week. You could click the link below and read the article:

Gap Day 辩手报名 | 来自平行世界的入场券

文章阅读量 Times of View

辩手培训 The debater training


Because we cooperate with professional debate company, so they will help us to select the final 8 debaters.


The subsequent debaters will also be trained by professional teachers to prepare for the final debate competition.

其中一个队的logo One debate team logo

活动设计 Activity Planning

这是我第一次设计辩论活动,和之前演讲还是非常不一样的。不过好在我设计活动已经有了经验,这一次设计起来也没有太困难。但是我会希望这一次的活动呈现出来是有趣的。而不只是一次普普通通的辩论活动。所以我花了很多心思在营造一个Gap Day的氛围出来。

This is the first time I’ve ever designed a debate, and it’s very different from the previous speeches. But the good thing is that I have already had experience in designing activities, and this time it is not too difficult to design. But I hope this one will be fun. It’s not just an ordinary debate. So I put a lot of effort into creating a Gap Day atmosphere.

活动甘特图 Gantt chart


If you want to know more about activity design you could click the link below:

Gap Day 活动策划案


When I was designing the event, the whole setting of the event was as if the audience had entered a parallel time, where they had a completely free day. So the event opens with a stand-up show that represents curiosity into a new parallel world. The second part is the debate, which represents the dilemma after we come to the parallel world. The parallel world is so good, should we choose to return to the original world?

活动VI Activity Vi


And here is the debate topic below:

你愿意 / 不愿意放弃剩余寿命,换来10年自己想要的生活?


这天你照例在深夜入睡,却在一个平行世界醒来。在这里,你的一切梦想都成为了现实,你不必再担心任何物质和世俗的桎梏,可以尽情地过自己想要的生活。在一天将近时,你被告知今天只是你的一个体验版GAP DAY,很快你就要被送回原本的世界。而若要永远留在这里,你将只有10年寿命。


Are you willing to give up the rest of your life for the 10 years you want to live?

You are a middle-aged man about to turn 40. You are overwhelmed by the burden of family and work. You had dreams when you were young, about travel and photography, about poetry and distance. But the pressures of life, the constraints of society, seem to draw an insurmountable boundary, so that your life is stuck in deadlock, gradually suffocating.

It’s the day you go to bed in the middle of the night as usual, but you wake up in a parallel world. Here, all your dreams have become a reality, you do not have to worry about any material and secular shackles, can enjoy their own life. At the end of the DAY, you’re told that today is just an experiential Gap Day and that soon you’ll be sent back to where you started. And to stay here forever, you only have 10 years to live.

What would you choose?

招募观众 Audience Recruitment


When we finished the activity plan and debater selection, we moved to audience recruitment stage. Because we have held several activities, so that we are sophisticated with that.

  1. 发布招募文章
  2. 联系合作方转发
  3. 联系KOL转发
  1. Post article
  2. Asked cooperater to do publicity
  3. Connect KOL to post on their social media


This time, we also cooperate with Verge (one student-led magazine in BDFZ) posted one article.

大家可以点击下方链接查看 You could click the link and read



This is the most formal activity MOON has ever done, so this activity has a whole set of VI.

海报 Poster

2. 活动当天 Activity

I was the host
Talk show
The speech from debate master
Group Picture

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