This is one public speaking events featuring educators, designers, NGO founders and vocational school students sharing different perspectives on the topic of “Essence”.

1. 前期准备 Preparation

策划活动 Activity Planning

详情请点击下方链接查看活动策划案。If you want to know more detail you could click the link below and read our activity plan.

招募讲者 Find Speaker


和讲者对接 Connect with Speakers

This is a speech event, and the most important thing is speeches. So we started to recruit speakers in December 2018, initially through a selection process. But after we implemented it, we found that we had no influence, and this way could not attract the speakers we wanted. So after the first failure, we decided to use the invitation system to invite our speakers in the future.

发布招募文章 Post Articles


We have published two articles, one for speakers and the other for audience. Both articles received a lot of attention from the public after they were published, and within a short period of time we recruited 200 paying audiences to join us in the exploration of the essence.

大家可以点击下方的蓝字进入文章界面 You could click the blue words into the article page.

招募讲者的推文 The article for finding speakers

这篇文章的阅读量 Times of view

招募观众的推文 The article for inviting audiences

这篇文章的阅读量 Times of view

2.正式活动 Activity

活动彩排 Rehearsal

物资准备 Prepare Materials

签到入场 Sign In

活动开场 Activity Opening

讲者开讲 Speeches

小组讨论 Group Discussion

3.活动反思 Reflection


Before finish this activity, I have wrote one reflection and posted into my personal WeChat account:

MOON | 我想要开启一场演讲 (MOON | I Want to Start one Speech)

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