Adding machine

This project is about building an adding machine out of the most basic components. There will be adding machine in real world, and in Minecraft.

not gate in minecraft
and gate based on not gate

With and gate and not gate, it’s possible for us to build a xor gate with the formula below. Building another carry is also possible with an and gate.

A xor B = (not(A and B)) and (A or B)

There is still another thing that need our attention. It’s important to ensure that the input to the and gate and the or gate will not affect each other.

a good separated input
a bad input design

The final half adding machine looks like this.

half adding machine

Adding machine cannot be directly constructed with half adding component. A full adding machine needs to be construct.

full adding machine

We can see that by linking two half adding machine, the full adding machine can deal with carries from the previous part. Now copying full adding machine is the only thing needed.

whole adding machine
75 + 146 = 221
Improved full adding machine: If we build the second half adding machine above the first one, the machine will be more user friendly, but also more difficult to build.

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