Final defence(2019)

Introduction to social sciences  –HA


This semester, Introduction to social Science takes a different approach to the class. After listening to “De Dao” lesson, students should write down the three knowledge they learned for that day, two unanswered questions, one question they want to say to the teacher, and answer the questions related to the content they learned today, and punch in the WeChat app. Students can also view each other’s content and interact in the comments section.I will use most of the evidence from this semester’s Introduction to the Social Sciences to defend the skills of ” Information literacy” , “Writing Communication”and “Self Regulation“.

At the beginning of the semester, I simply punched in and didn’t take notes.However, In the comments section, I reflected on what I had done today, and improved my actions based on the feedback from teachers and classmates.

In the middle of the semester, after I got used to the course format of social science, I started to take notes.Because I found that more and more proper nouns in various fields appeared in the course, I not only recorded the course content, but also directly found some key proper nouns and concepts that I did not understand according to the course content, and recorded them in advance.(Determine Information Needed )

Then, I used the Internet to input keywords or direct proper nouns for information search, and found reliable information that could solve my problem according to my main needs — cognition and understanding of this word or this sentence (judging whether the information is reliable according to the authority and official nature of the website).(Accesses Information Effectively,Evaluate Information and its Sources Critically )

After searching, I will also sort out these definitions in the proper noun notebook I know now, and classify them according to their attributes, so that I can find and review them later (Manage Information Effectively,Use Information Effectively to Accomplish a Specific Purpose )

Finally, I also include links to sources in my notes for later (reference.Access and Use Information Ethically and Legally )

The annotation definitions I collected also helped me to better answer questions and write down my own understanding of the article in the note.

While doing my homework, I applied information literacy, independent thinking and so on, Meanwhile, I also got help from my classmates and Kate by giving feedback in the comment section, which made me better understand the knowledge points of daily courses and solved my various doubts.

In the course learning process, I will make daily reflection and daily summary of the course content.At the same time, I thought about and answered the questions and feedback raised in the comments section and improved my work according to the reasonable feedback.

I will try my best to solve the problems that I cannot solve and the information cannot be collected.When I encounter these problems, I usually go to my father to communicate with him and share my ideas with him.At the same time, in the second half of the semester, I still summarized every day’s lessons in the form of notes, and I gained a lot from this.( impulse, willpower, motivation)

Content of punching in semester:(portion) 「Content of punching in semester:(portion)」,可复制链接后用石墨文档 App 或小程序打开

In the final output of the introduction to social science, we wrote an article “The Meaning of being A Chinese”, which can be regarded as a summary of what we have learned in introduction to social science this semester.

(Writing Communication) 《身为中国人的意义》,可复制链接后用石墨文档 App 或小程序打开


In this assignment, I used the skills of information literacy, independent thinking, writing and expression, and reflection and improvement, as well as some relevant knowledge of history. I learned a lot about the real Chinese history that I didn’t know before. I also learned about the interplay of Chinese culture, the unique structure of Chinese society, the relationship between China and the world, the definition of “China” and “Chinese”.I am also interested in this aspect of things, but also have to sigh with profound Chinese culture.

One of the skills I improved the most was “learning to ask questions.”I didn’t know how to ask questions at the beginning, and I didn’t know what questions to ask, but eventually I was able to ask more and more important questions.It’s because I practice asking questions and reflect on why I can’t ask them to my satisfaction.At the same time, I looked at the questions raised by other students and absorbed the “essence” of how they asked questions. I read the article carefully again and again and found some points that I didn’t understand clearly and extended them to my questions.And I was only able to ask questions at the beginning, but it was also because I kept practicing that I was able to ask questions in combination with the reality of my life and even what I learned at the moment.

My second ability to improve is the ability of information literacy. Take the “proper noun kit” I compiled as an example. Because of the requirement of this assignment, I need to continuously carry out information literacy and collect data, and I can also judge what information is reliable and what information is not.I was able to put reliable information together for my own use, and that was a big step forward.

I think my ability to ask questions needs to be improved, because I think it is an important skill that helps me to grasp the important information in the text.At the same time, my questioning ability has not reached a very good state, so I still need to continue to work hard.And I need to be more careful in answering questions, so that I can avoid some unnecessary mistakes.

self-awareness –XA


Here are two milestones of self-awareness respectively, which I think are relatively satisfactory and complete output tasks.In these two assignments, I used some knowledge learned in self-awareness, and combined my own personal experience, personal growth, as well as my own interests, hobbies and advantages to help me complete these two milestones.At the same time, I also carried out an iteration under the feedback from Chuck, which helped me to better improve my two works.Here I will use the two milestones of self-awareness to defend the three competencies of “Self awareness” and “Self Regulation“.

In “My Self-awareness Report”, I mainly used what I learned in the self-awareness class to write a “magic weapon” for myself. This magic weapon can help me to re-recognize myself and continue to be full of strength when I am confused or depressed in the future.In which, I use the timeline form of “past, present and present” to expand my description, so that the structure of this article is clear and the thoughts can be progressive, so that readers can read clearly and comfortably. At the same time, after the beginning, I quoted a paragraph of “Who Am I” that I wrote at the beginning of the self-awareness course to tell myself not to forget what my original heart was, which could help me regain the original heart submerged by negative energy when I opened this article.

(Mindset management ,Emotion management ,Value management)

Details refer to: 《我的自我认知报告》,可复制链接后用石墨文档 App 或小程序打开

In “my Enhanced Loop Plan”, I set two goals and two detailed execution plans for the summer vacation.One is the “Health electronic manual” program about regular diet, rest and exercise, which challenges my self-awareness and persistence to a certain extent. At the same time, I also need knowledge about health and layout design of the manual.The other was about the goal of video production, which somewhat challenged my “first time” — making a 30-minute video with detailed script to clip.Achieving this goal requires a lot of skill in video making and how to write a good script.(Goal setting )This milestone also makes full use of my Interest, which is also an important Interest management attempt to link my Interest with the possible development direction in the future. (Interest management )Meanwhile, I will also apply my advantages to better achieve my Goal in the summer vacation.(Strength management)

Details refer to: 《Milestone 4—Ruby的增强回路计划》,可复制链接后用石墨文档 App 或小程序打开

These two milestones are also included in my final self-awareness course reflection, which is a summary of all my work.

Details refer to:(Self reflection ) 《Ruby的自我认知反思》,可复制链接后用石墨文档 App 或小程序打开


In the process of these two milestones, I consolidated and reviewed the knowledge I had learned in the Self awareness course, gained a deeper understanding of myself, and made a “magic tool” for my life.At the same time, I combined my personal interest with my possible future development direction to make a summer plan to improve relevant skills, which also made me look forward to the finished products I could make after this summer.I used the knowledge I learned in the Self awareness class, as well as the skills of goal management and planning, writing and communication.When writing “My Self awareness Report”, I wrote it in the form of dialogue with myself, which made the report more flexible and active and full of personal style.

This article has exercised my writing and communication skills, and I have received good feedback from the teacher.When I wrote “My Enhanced Loop Plan,” I improved my plan-writing skills.I wrote detailed weekly goals and weekly plans for video production and sports and health respectively, which can be clearly displayed without being cluttered.

In the process of implementing these two milestones, I also need to improve my time management skills and reflective ability.Because I did not have a good grasp of the time when Writing the “self-awareness report”, I submitted an unfinished version at the submission time and uploaded the complete version after DDL.I hope I can plan my time in advance in the future, so as to avoid such situation happening again.When I wrote “My Enhancement Loop Plan”, I did not consider what else was not mentioned after I finished it, which led to my neglect of talking about my existing advantages and why I chose the direction of post-video and exercise health.

I hope That I can review my work in time after I finish it, and try my best to be as safe as possible.

Galactic Solar model –SA


In this semester’s Introduction to Science class, one of the physics assignments is for students to work in groups on a model of the Milky Way sun and give a brief introduction to the Milky Way solar system.At that time, I became a team leader and was divided into a team with Aimee Du,Astrid Zhang and Laila Jia.In this process, I used the ability of information literacy, team coordination, PPT and so on.Here, I will defend the two qualities of “Collaboration” and “Self Regulation” with the group work of “Galaxy Solar Model” in physics class.

I mainly made a clear division of labor for the team members, and took the initiative to complete some vacant tasks and problems we encountered in the process.(Responsibility and productivity)

I support and carry out the work assigned to me when people can organize work progress, such as division writing, meeting minutes, and what is needed.When allocating speeches, I became a leader again, giving us a reasonable regional division of labor and speech ordering.After I determined that what we needed was not only the model, I communicated with the team members and assigned the work in a timely manner.At the same time, After the team work, I made a PPT independently to integrate the content of the team members, and then Shared it with the team members to get feedback.(Team positioning,Team goal creation ,Idea contribution )

When our team members encounter some knowledge differences, we will solve such problems through Internet search and discussion. At the same time, we will give feedback after everyone sends out their own work results to help us to iterate our work.When I was making my PPT, I made it clear that there was no problem with my work after repeated viewing, adjusting the typesetting of pictures and comparing English with Chinese, so as to ensure a certain quality of work.After the group demonstration, we received the feedback from Blue, hoping that we could make the introduction more vivid and interesting.After we received the feedback, we consulted the introduction of other groups and found the sense of vividness that we lacked. Although we did not introduce it again, it also served as a reflection of our team, which is what we should strengthen in the future.

(Decision making and conflict ,Facilitate regulation and feedback,Team reflection )

It took me nearly an all-nighter to finish the presentation, and I knew before the presentation that I was going to put a lot of effort into it and was ready for it.Therefore, I did not feel great pain and pressure in the process of making PPT, but completed my task in a relatively happy and peaceful environment and state of mind.And our group is also a very small number of groups within the time frame to complete the task.In this process, our division of labor tasks were also completed within the time frame we arranged, and we received good feedback in all aspects.

(Stress management,Time management )

Details refer to: 《物理第二小组演示》,可复制链接后用石墨文档 App 或小程序打开


In this group cooperation, I learned some knowledge about the Galaxy and solar system, the communication and discussion between teams, and how to control and manage my own pressure.I have used team communication and coordination skills, information literacy, time management, PPT making, stress management and other skills.

I first improved my stress management skills.I still remember preparing for the lecture presentation of art history course last year, when I was making PPT until dawn.The mood at the time was one of overwhelming negative energy.When I was making PPT this time, I told myself the possible consequences of making PPT in the early stage, so I did not feel any negative energy in the process of making PPT. Instead, I finished the PPT with a relaxed and cheerful attitude, and I felt a sense of achievement.

The second ability I’ve improved is teamwork.Because the online situation can easily lead to a problem, that is, the meeting efficiency is very low, especially in the teamwork may not find their teammates.But this good team because my team members to cooperate, efficient division of labor, everyone to complete their tasks as well, but also in WeChat group to carry on the positive interaction, let me in the team cooperation is very happy, at the same time also can naturally into within the team, I don’t have to be a leader is too tough.At the same time, I also learned one thing from this group cooperation — you don’t have to be a leader all the time, to be a flexible character.

In this group cooperation, I also need to strengthen my leadership, because I did not fully organize the team and did not fully and actively communicate with the team.

Therefore, I hope that In the future team cooperation, if I am still a leader, I can do these points better.At the same time, there is also a problem of work efficiency. I don’t have a particularly efficient speed in making PPT. Although I have quality, I hope I can complete my work with both quality and speed.