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The name of my artifact is “philab”, it is a personal website I build on wordpress.com, the main content is my articles about philosophy and literature throughout my two years in moonshot-MSA.

The competencies I will defense on is “Digital Mindset” and “Culture Understanding”.


The first innovative idea of this webpage is in last year, to be specific, the second semester of Moonshot. I was leading the final output of the Western Philosophy course, which is to build an official website for the entire class to put their articles written in that semester in it. Since I am the technical builder of the website, I am attracted to the way of presenting all our masterpieces in a customized website.

Later on, in several college counseling activities, Nancy and Jessie mentioned about the importance of having a gallery for our personal works through out high school, and I believe having a document or a gallery of my articles in the topic I am interested in is very important, and it can also show me my academical growth.

So the progress was like this:

First, I put all my articles about philosophy that I wrote before in a folder, and made the requirement clear: The articles about philosophy and literature written in English goes into the folder.

Second, I go into the course files e.g. English class folder&Psychology class folder, and find the articles I have in this semester which are mainly about history, philosophy, self awareness and literature.

After that I will go find materials in other formats, e.g. mind maps and biographies, and put them in special places of the website.

Third, I will repeat that over again once a semester or summer/winter vacation

In this project, I mostly applied my skills of creating the website(Because I haven’t created any website with this costume format before), also do I applied my understanding of different cultures and world views when writing the articles for the website.

So the proceeding is divided into two parts: Writing my articles and Classifying them to put them into appropriate places.

Self Reflection

What you have learned while making this website?

Mostly about skills of using online tool like this I guess, also I practiced understanding of different culture in the writing of it.

In the website, I classified all the articles into these topics.

  • [Basic articles]-Articles with certain statements
  • [Biographies]-Stories of philosophers written by me
  • [Literature writings]-Articles come from literature classes and english classes
  • [Mind maps]-Mind maps I drew to clarify philosopher’s concepts or himself.

Which competencies you have improved? How?

The two main competencies I will defense on is “Digital mindset” and “Culture understanding”; the first one is about my skills on building the website and it’s format, the other one is about the content and other stuffs I put in.

Digital mindset

-Determining the cause of the fault

I met some problems when I start this website at March, I cannot find better themes to present my works in a better and prettier way, and also can’t I determine where to visualize my topics according to my articles.

So I go back to another website(my.moonshotacademy.cn/the-fakers/), the website me and my classmates in western philosophy class build last year, to see if I can get where to chose a good theme.

It turns out that I was wrong and the button for “Theme” was right beside the editing page, so I changed to a better theme where I can put picture on the link of my article and that solved the two problems above together.

And then I set the standard of articles to pick them in, the details are in the intro part. After that I begin to put different articles into different topics.

Culture understanding

Except for the articles I wrote on class, there are also half of them were written by myself in daily time. For example the article “Compatibilism” was written from the end of last summer vacation to the beginning of last semester, and revised in this semester again; it is about my understanding of the flaws in Freewill theory and Determinism theory, and how the environment suits people’s mindset to keep them believing in either one of another. I used the view of Compatibilism to try to put an end on the arguing and explain why Compatibilism is the most practical way in life then the other two.

And interesting case I used in the article is about a bank robber, who one day walks into a bank “accidentally” and later getting caught by the police. When he was in court people finds themselves debating about how to set his charge.

I used plenty of cases when talking about that issue, you can also find them in other articles of freewill.

Back to the topic, I also did some writing on the extreme cases on theories about freewill two, e.g. what kind of culture can suits people to believe in “hard-determinism”, and what kind of culture can suits them to be “fatalism”. So this is the part about my content.

Keep, Stop, Start


Keep updating my articles and writing new ones in daily life, draw more mind maps to visualize.


Ask people when facing technical problems, also add more visualizations in the document so it won’t be too boring.


Start adding new topics right after I found one; find and create more way of composing the website.

Teleporting door for the artifact:


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