The Problem of Traditional Education in China

We always talk about the environment of “high level education”, in this page, I will be talking about my thinking during the weekend about Chinese Education.

I made a CLD about my system of Chinese Education, these are the details.

Education CLD (Chinese)
Education CLD (English)

As you can see, the phenomenon I manage to find first is “The government controls the education environment” start from that, we can see the unified education, which means everybody is having the same learning material, same kind of teacher.

As a better result, the student’s knowledge can be more systematic and comprehensive.

But that will also lead to the limitation of a student’s future. Because the public education is the only way for most of the kids in China, in a perspective they are limited by their education. For example in the next box, criticism says they are lack of moral education, creative thinking, social quality.

That leads to the government’s eternal goal, the key examination, for example “高考” ”中考“ and other big tests during a normal student’s study career.

In many Chinese documentaries, I see no dreams when I look into these kids’ eyes, “their hopes are already destroyed along with their innocent soul”, they would say.

But throughout time, some of us decide to study abroad, which is a popular option now, and when students go abroad for schooling, many International schools emerges. And after the students went to other countries, some of them decide they want to stay there, and maybe get a job, then the effect of that will be the decrease of employment rate(in China). because the word “employment rate” represents the percentage of employees as to the total number of employees and unemployed people, which includes the students and the people who have jobs in other countries.

The key word “employment rate” leads to the productivity of the country, which leads to the financial resources and GDP of the country.

And when these factors are stable, the government wouldn’t change anything, they would keep it going, that’s the stability of the nation, which leads to the stability of the power the government has towards controlling our education.

These we went above is actually a nice reinforcing loop which can push China into better circumstances, but there are still some elements I didn’t talk about.

Let’s look back to the start of unified education. That also leads to the capability requirements of the teachers, which means if we need you to be well educated/senior enough as a teacher or not.

But the thing in China is, that we do not need any more great teachers or special teachers in the classroom, the school only needs the ones who can give the homework and do everything the same they told you to. But a normal teacher who only reached the standard is not enough, and also if the faculty-student ratio is too wide, they cannot take care of all the students. That leads to the next boxes.

If you want to get paid being a teacher while have no skills and only care about money, it is a really easy work to do in China, over couple of years, many crimes of corruption issues happened, especially with the high officials in education fields.

The next is “study-weariness phenomenon”, when the students are tired of studying and graduating from schools to schools, these series of phenomena often leads to the fight within a family, skipping school, even suicide.

I also did my research on some important elements in the CLD, for example the level of education in China, the employment rate both in China and other countries.

The overall level of education in China
the number of graduation from 2010-2017
The stability of “nine year compulsory education”
The employment rate after graduation in 2016
The population of online-studying


Also I tried to analyze the problem we are facing in China, here are the results:

  • Reinforcing vocational education

The most important one, to improve the quality of vocational education, and universities can add vocational and technical education so that students who are willing to choose the path of academical future can have their professional development target&training.

This will be able to cause a reinforcing loop since it worked, and the fund for the student will not be wasted. Also the professors will be more help for as a mentor.

  • Develop skills beyond graduation

Although it sounds like a dream, but we do can improve better if we focus more on individuals rather than their grades. So that in the educational perspective we are doing the right thing.

  • Loosing examination system

Stop pushing students and giving them too much pressure, stop using only the system of “Standard Examination” and value students in different views.


A perfect system within humanity is always reinforcing and changing

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