The Seniors Group 学长团


Defending:  Collaboration, Oral Presentation, Self Awareness


-what is it & why i decided to do this

The Seniors Group is a student organization that serves community integration and school campus construction, and it is composed of a group of learners who highly represent the objectives and culture of Moonshot.
the mission for The Seniors Group includes: provide a soft landing environment for the successful boarding of freshmen, Create and maintain moonshot culture, and Make every member within The Seniors Group grow.
The seniors’ Group of the moonshot is the guide for freshmen to enter and integrate into Moonshot community.

I decided to join The Seniors Group because of the following four reason:

  1. I really like to share with people the thing that I think is nice.
    I like to share the moments in which I was been touched or the things I found unbelievable. I would like to see more people feel and taste the joy and sweetness I have. The Seniors Group is a place where I can share the wonderful things of MSA to a group of people who just came here.
  2. I really like traveling.
    I love the feeling when going to an unfamiliar place and walk around to find new things, especially with a group of friends. so, I would like to experience the orientation week traveling one more time with the freshmen.
  3. I was touched by the help of The Seniors Group members during my first few days in MSA.
    I remember when the time I was displaying my personal Library for the first time, one of The Seniors Group members gave me a lot of support during my presentation.
  4. still, I feel hard to adapt the life in MSA, so I really want to be a helper to the freshmen to make them feel easier.

-how did i do

to get into The Seniors Group, I have to go through a lot of tests that were provided by the previous Seniors Group participators including a questionnaire, an online interview, an event planning opportunity, and a qualifying period. after going through these tests, I became one of The 2020 Seniors Group numbers.

the responsibility I have as a Seniors Group number includes provide a soft landing environment for the successful boarding of freshmen, Create and maintain moonshot culture, and Make every member within The Seniors Group grow. and during the several weeks, after I became a real number in Seniors Group, we have to work on many tasks: design and advertising an online activity for Moonshot Academy, design the welcome packages for freshmen, operate a WeChat official Accounts, and to update information about Moonshot new campus.

we do these tasks by dividing the whole Seniors Group into different small groups, and each of the groups will focus on one specific task. as a group number, I have to chance to choose which task I would like to work on. for example, during the time The Seniors Group was helping Moonshot to organized an online activity, I chose to go to the publicity group and work with some guardians in Moonshot Marketing to spread our online activity.

on June 10th, I chose to run for the “president” (团长) of The Seniors Group. I prepare a speech that clearly states how my personal characteristics meet the working expectations of the president, my understanding of the future development of The Seniors’ Group, and my enthusiasm for this job.
the election result has been told to me one day after the election speech. by a great surprise, the other campaigner Karissa and I were tied. after a discussion done by our Senior Group supervisor Zale and the president of last yeah Seniors Group, they decided that this year we will have two presidents for The Seniors Group.
then, it was the time for Karissa and me to discuss how can are we going to distribute the work as presidents in The Seniors Group. lastly, we decided that she will be the president of The 2020 Seniors Group, and I will be the vice-president (副团长).

as the vice-president in The Seniors Group, I have to work on more things related to communicating with guardians and building the team. I would usually talk to Karissa to plan the future work for The Seniors Group, to lead our group meeting, and to check the working progress in our group.


-what have I learned
-skills I have used and improved

during the process of applying for The Seniors Group and now as a number and the “vice-president” in The Seniors Group, I have used and improved many many skills. but here I would like to talk about only the skills I have used and improved in the three competencies: collaboration, oral presentation, and self-awareness.

one of the tests I have faced when applying for The Seniors Group is that the applicants were formed in groups, and each group have to plan an online activity for Moonshot community.
in this test, I was grouped with four other people, and we have to create our own activity under the topic that The Seniors Group has provided within a period of time (three weeks).
during the time I was planning and leading the activity with my group, I used the skills in collaboration. our group is formed by five applicants that are relatively quiet and shy in teamwork. so, most of the time I have to force myself to lead our meeting and cue different people to speak in order to make everyone participated in and to push our project forward.
by planning this online activity, I used and became more skillful in collaboration and leading a team.

oral presentation
during the process to apply The Seniors Group, we have to do an5 minutes interview speech, and when I was running for the presidents I also did a 5-7 minute speech. by going through these “rigorous” and hard speeches, I have improved a lot on my oral presentation skills.
I learned more about how can I express my thoughts clearly, I feel less nervous during the speech, and I became more confident with my stories and words.

The Seniors Group is a student organization that conformed to my mission and including my interests. for the first time I know that The Seniors Group is finding new members for the 2020 group, I know that I am going to attend. during the process of applying for The Seniors Group, I knew it is very hard, more than half of the applicants will be kept out, but this has made my belief stronger. I see the work in The Seniors Group as a sense of mission and full of sense of meaning.

The Seniors Group is a place where I have pursued my mission, and it is also a place that has conformed with my value and includes my interests. in this place, I can use my advantages to work and to communicate with others.

more than all the things I mentioned above, The Seniors Group is a place which the longer I am working in, the better I see myself, my original intention, and my way to the future.

-skills i still have to improve

now as the vice-president of The Seniors Group, I have to learn a lot more things about how to lead a team and how to make every member of the team developed their strength. I would like to read some coaching books and books that tell how to make team construction activities.

also, I would like to work on more skills and techniques about the oral presentation, because I found that it is really helpful even in our daily life.

Desmath Art


Defending:  Self-Regulation

< Beijing’s Winter >


-what is it + why i decided to do this

this is a desmath artwork that I have created during the second semester of the 2019 school year. a desmath artwork is an artwork that was created using Desmos Graphing Calculator. in other words, demath art was created by different math equations. this artwork is one of the chosen projects in my math class. however, we have the chance to decide which picture we want to draw in this project. I chose to draw an alleyway in Beijing. 

On the day we began this desmath project, I was looking through my album, looking for pictures from my travels to draw, but they were either too complex or structurally unsuitable for desmos art. Finally, I opened my browser and typed “hutong” into the photo search. “Hutong” has appeared in my paintings many times. It is a sense of structure from the outside to the inside. 

When I flipped through the web, I caught my eye on this picture: in a snowy winter, two children are in an old Hutong in Beijing, dressed in cotton-padded clothes, held a branch in one hand and a bright orange light in the other. Of course, the most memorable is the red flag on the door frame of every household, fluttering freely in the narrow alleyway. all this makes me feel really familiar with, and I decide to draw this picture. 

-how did i do

This artwork is drawn through the Desmos drawing page. different lines segment is obtained by inputting different equations, and finally, the artwork is formed. The first step is to open the desmos drawing page, drag the picture that you want to draw into the page, and then you can draw along the lines above the picture. This work of mine begins by drawing the structure of a building. By depicting the vertical and horizontal line segments, I built a perspective of the alley, followed by painting the red flag, telegraph poles, and finally the two children in the center of the picture. I have modified and added the painting of the building many times, and finally simplified some overly complicated lines in the picture.

In the whole process of drawing desmath artwork, we had peer review once a week. Two people formed a group and gave feedback to each other. I got a lot of advice from it, which I have used to improve my work. 

-the knowledge i applied

I have applied the knowledge I learned in math class to finished this work, including three types of functions: linear function, conic equations, and trigonometric equations.



-what have i learned
-skills i have used and improved

In the desmath project, I had greatly improved my understanding of the equation. I began to don’t know the pattern of the trigonometric function, also do not know how to draw the ellipse, but as the progress is going, I figured out many drawing methods by myself. after this project,  I became more sensitive with different types of functions, which help me to better understand the contents we learned in class. The mathematical thinking of summarizing patterns has brought me a lot of help in this project. For some equations I am not familiar with, I can find their graphic transformation rules by first drawing their general form on DESMOS to support my creation. 

-skills i still have to improve

in this project, the most difficult part is to depict the folds of the characters’ clothes, and I often don’t know what kind of equation is more convenient to complete them.

Drawing double parabola has become a mathematical challenge for me in this project. I don’t know much about its cluster change mode. It always needs to be adjusted for a long time when it is used, and the ideal result hasn’t been achieved yet.

Desmath Artwork link: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/7vvockn0z8
Goal setting and revise version: https://shimo.im/sheets/9kHR5vo3XtkSPPZz/iqRis/
Documentation of my artwork: see next page : )

Comparative Paper: Change and Permanence


Defending: Writing Communication, Self-Regulation


-what is it & why i decided to do this

this is a milestone paper I wrote in my English class at the end of this semester. it is a paper that compares three novels The Good EarthThings Fall Apart, and Of Mice and Men that we have read during the semester. these novels describe the life and story in three different places: China, Nigeria, and America. 

-how did i do

to write this comparative paper, first, I have to finish the three books and got some general thoughts on the key information that the author wanted to present in each book. also, it is even better than I can have some personal feelings toward each novel. based on this information, I was going to find one point that involves all the books whether it is by similarity or inversion, and choose it as my paper topic. 

secondary, I have to comes up with a thesis statement within my topic by analyzing the tendency of the point I chose as my topic. a thesis statement is a point that I want to argue throughout the paper. 

thirdly, I was going to collect evidence (quotes) in the three books that support my thesis and organized them into three key pieces of evidence and a paper outline. 

now, it is time to write the first draft of my paper. after one peer review, I revised my paper and give it to another peer. 

after I received the second round of peer review and also the feedback from Joel I did my last round of revise. 

lastly, the comparative paper Change and Permanence was been completed. 

-the knowledge i applied

in this comparative paper, reading and writing skill is throughoutly applied. I have to know how to read novels efficiently and recognized the key information that I want to use in my paper. also, I have to know how to write a good paper with an interesting introduction, convincing evidence, and a conclusion that can sum up my ideas. 

the other skill that applied in my paper is self-regulation. I have to ask others for feedback and consider their ideas seriously when revising work. I also exhibit a strong determination to finished the paper.


-what have i learned

about writing skills:
while writing this comparative writing, I learned how to write writing that involves the information in three books. I also learned how to compare one element in three different reading and to find the similarity between them. 

about self-regulation:
while editing my paper after the peer review, I learned how to improve my work by asking for feedback from my teacher and my classmates. I got more proficient on revise my draft and produce the best final version. 

-skills i have used and improved

I have used almost all the skills in writing communication and this helping me to improve a lot in writing. 

I have also used and improved some of the skills in self-regulation such as regulation and stress management. peer review and revise my work help me improve my regulation while a milestone that worth 1000 points developed better my stress management. I have to control well my stress in order to finish the paper and other works at the same time. 

-skills i still have to improve

I still have to improve thoroughly evaluates points of view, purposes, or other context information to assess the credibility of sources.

Self-awareness Report


Defending: Self-awareness Report


what is it & why I decided to do this

this is a self-awareness report that I did during the second semester in the 2020 school year. this is also one of my self-awareness class milestones. it is a report that records my understanding of the core concepts and tools of self-awareness, and also an initial experience of self-awareness. Throughout our life, we will continue to apply self-awareness knowledge and concepts. When we face challenges,  make big and small choices, and even when we choose who to date, we rely on what we know about ourselves. This first report helps me to set a good foundation for self-awareness.

this is a report that in the future where every time I have to make a big decision, face failure, or struggle in confusion, this is a “book” which records important information about myself. 

 -how did I do

in this report, I divide the repot into three-part: Mindset management, Emotion management, the experiences I have, and the reflection of these experiences and myself.
I also add two sheets in this report: one for my interests and the other for my advantages.

-the knowledge I applied

writing this report, most of the knowledge I applied including Mindset management, Emotion management, and self-reflection.
I have to master Mindset management and Emotion management in order to come up with this information about myself in the report. also, I have to use self-reflection skills to reflect on my experiences and my learning progress in self-awareness.


-what have I learned

by writing this self-awareness report, I became better understanding my thoughts. by writing and organized all the information in my head, I also got a clearer structure on what is my mindset look likes and what thinking mode I can apply in different situations, etc.
by explaining my experiences I became more aware of how the background information has helped me to become who I am.

-skills I have used and improved

the skills I have used and improve while writing the report include self-awareness and self-reflection. as what I have said above, to actually write done the things in my head help me to reflect on my self better, and also organized a clearer structure of who I am (self-awareness).

-skills I still have to improve

the skills I still have to improve is still self-awareness and self-regulation. self-awareness is not a thing that is I master it now, I can master it in my whole life. I believe it is a course which we have to study throughout our life in order to keep conscious and aware of what we are doing.
and in every step of the journey of life, we reflect and know more about ourselves.
Through this continuous examination of ourselves, we master more self-reflection and self-awareness by time.

Final Reflection 最后的话





在和教练的讨论过程中,他强烈给我推荐了climate mitigation项目小组。这是气候变化下的一个组,主要计划是在新校区搭建太阳能板工程。说实话,这个项目很早就被我排除在了选项之外,因为我实在不知道自己能在一个技术工程的项目里干点什么。教练跟我说,“如果这学期,你并不是希望把大量的时间和精力去放在IP的项目里,并不想去建立自己的一个项目或者团队,那我建议你去climate mitigation,因为在那里你会体验到一个相似于‘小企业’的团队合作方式。”

于是,最后我来到了climate mitigation项目小组。