Follow a person who wearing the yellow coat

Shot with NOMO 135Zoom.
Shot with NOMO 135Zoom.
Shot with NOMO 135Zoom.
Shot with NOMO 135Zoom.
Shot with NOMO 135Zoom.
Shot with NOMO 135Zoom.

The inspiration of ELP#5

Shot with NOMO 135 SP.

These photograph is taken in starry sky. I love Zero’s glasses. It is very special in it.

I make the photograph to two colors. Blue and Yellow. Cold tone and Warm tone. It have two feelings in it.

The last photograph is the most one I liked. It tells a story. He are watching the sky. On the top of the sky it has a star on it. Maybe he is thinking a person……(hahahaah)

The inspiration in ELP#2

These photo is taken in the beach too. This is Zero and Cherry’s feet. I don’t no why I take them, it just happen in a moment. The same things in the first three photograph is the hat. This hat is a special hat, it looks likes the swordsman’s hat.

These picture is Serena and my hand. The stone in our hand is from the beach. It is empty and hollow.
These feet is Serena’s.
With wind&sands

The inspiration in ELP#1

These photograph was taken in ELP.(榕树根) Prop roots is a community that in the countryside, which is near to the MANGSHI. That place is a place with love. Below down these photograph was taken in the beach.

The people in the photos:Jacob&Lily&Zero&Cherry

This one gives me a lot of inspiration.
Remember in Italy, I take a picture, which is very like to this one.⬇️

The element of “hand”& “light”

I love the line of our organ.

This is the element of hand.

In the midnight I created this photography. It is my hand, and the light, the shadow.

I think maybe I want to describe my feeling about despair. Because at that time I am really unhappy.

The rest of the hand I think the feeling is that what I want. The last photo’s color is very beautiful, I think at that time maybe I am happy?

Shot with NOMO 135 Ti.