Self evaluation

This is the first IP project we have completed. As for sound and light, the theme we chose is “memory and forgetting”. I think this project I completed is very bad, destined to cool.

First of all, we don’t have a very clear time plan in the early stage, so many times we don’t know what step we should take, and we have no idea of time. In fact, it wastes a lot of time.

The second point is always to find information and discuss. But when we went to talk with Mohist, we found that our thoughts and thoughts are very simple, so we don’t know what we want to bring about by the topic of “memory and forgetting”. So we have to think and discuss again.

The third point is the lack of action force. We have made clear several experiments that must be completed in the early stage, but we didn’t take action for a long time. Just buying materials delayed for two weeks, so that nothing could be done.

Fourth, the division of labor is not clear, there is no reasonable distribution of personnel, there is no consensus and common expectations. We often do the same thing without direction, which leads to the state that only one person is doing the other person is idle. So everyone must have a clear division of labor, and discuss the time limit of each time together. Everyone should focus on the same thing.

But through this project, I also learned a lot, learned a lot about light, learned exactly what is “memory”, what is “forgetting”, and understood their relationship. I hope it can be better when I finish the next IP project.


“只有依靠艺术,我们才能强烈表达对原始记忆的回归。 ” ——萨维诺