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A Missing Koan In A Koan

Is it which I am writing? 

I recall, and now I’ve recollected.

Taking me into a time-traveling boat 

in the shape of a petal, 

along with the river in my soul. 

See the passing sights through the windows;

at present I the Animagus 

transform into Hedwig the owl.

Once upon a time, a passerby was taking photo. 

Perhaps it was a whole world she has travelled;

but how could she not know? 

There was a standing-one loose his head, 

who was her soulmate she failed to contact.

Finally she’s here, 

Found its stretching branches

remaining hopeless at the end of its life. 

Along a road, in front of the Summer Palace.

船上好像没有人,却像有人在驾驶一样 向远方的城市飘去。城市里好像也没有人,有一个轮廓可辨的钟。船继续飘着,带着水波朝向着这个城市。太阳就在我的背后吧,每一次,都是船无意摆动 铺开了阳光。这潭海水,或是河水 湖水——叠了多少层阳光,经过了多久又逐渐逐渐冷却到和云一样的温度。

云 在学着城市的样子建造,小心着让自己不要落地。这里注定有一个海滩。等到这里只剩几盏灯的时候,海岸上的贝壳和寄居蟹才敢从浅水里冲出来,从沙子里冒出来。这时候,云也就会落到地上,把他们裹住。如何呐喊也不会有人听见。

The Palace of Westminster –by Andre Derain